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Common Procurement Vocabulary (CPV) in the local authority area of Staffordshire

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37321000-4   Accessories of musical instruments
66512100-3   Accident insurance services
90911100-7   Accommodation cleaning services
98341100-6   Accommodation management services
90911000-6   Accommodation, building and window cleaning services
79200000-6   Accounting, auditing and fiscal services
33141624-0   Administration sets
75122000-7   Administrative healthcare services
75123000-4   Administrative housing services
85321000-5   Administrative social services
79340000-9   Advertising and marketing services
79341400-0   Advertising campaign services
79341100-7   Advertising consultancy services
79341200-8   Advertising management services
79341000-6   Advertising services
39717200-3   Air-conditioning appliances
35121700-5   Alarm systems
79711000-1   Alarm-monitoring services
85143000-3   Ambulance services
33170000-2   Anaesthesia and resuscitation
33172000-6   Anaesthesia and resuscitation devices
33172100-7   Anaesthesia devices
33111720-4   Angiography devices
33111710-1   Angiography supplies
33111740-0   Angioplasty devices
33111730-7   Angioplasty supplies
37413210-1   Animal calls
15100000-9   Animal products, meat and meat products
71251000-2   Architectural and building-surveying services
71220000-6   Architectural design services
71221000-3   Architectural services for buildings
71222000-0   Architectural services for outdoor areas
71250000-5   Architectural, engineering and surveying services
90650000-8   Asbestos removal services
45262660-5   Asbestos-removal work
44113620-7   Asphalt
30237136-1   Audio cards