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The Utilities named in section VI.2 of this notice confirm that they will be using the UVDB as a common system for the registration of suppliers, contractors and service providers (vendors) The UVDB is operated and administered by Achilles ...


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Achilles Information Ltd
30 Milton Park
Contact: The UVDB Team
OX14 4SH Abingdon
Tel. +44 1235861118
Fax +44 1235838096

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General address of the contracting entity

Production, transport and distribution of gas and heat
Port-related activities
Airport-related activities


UVDB (Utlities Vendor Database).
Service category: No 1
The Utilities named in section VI.2 of this notice confirm that they will be using the UVDB as a common system for the registration of suppliers, contractors and service providers (vendors) The UVDB is operated and administered by Achilles Information Limited on behalf of the below named organisations. This notice describes the products, services and works for which the below named utilities may use the UVDB where they have an appropriate demand. The following product, service and works classifications represent the UVDB coding structure as available on the day this notice was issued.
Product Code.
Description 1.
Goods and products 1.1.
Building/civil products 1.1.1.
Sand 1.1.2.
Gravel 1.1.3.
Aggregate and Stone 1.1.4.
Reinstatement Products 1.1.5.
Concrete Ready Mixed 1.1.6.
Pre Cast Building Products 1.1.7.
Paints and Varnishes 1.1.8.
Insulation Equipment and Materials 1.1.9.
Mobile Accommodation Units (excl. Hire use 3.74.29) 1.1.10
Security Equipment 1.1.11.
Enclosures and Kiosks (excl. Meter Housings use 1.16.19) 1.1.12.
Signs (excl. Road Signs use 1.01.13) 1.1.13.
Road Furniture 1.1.14.
Fencing 1.1.15.
Steel/Metal Materials (excl. Cables and Pipes) 1.1.16.
Timber Materials (excl. Wood Poles use 1.06.13) 1.1.17.
Horticultural Products 1.1.18.
Underground Marker Materials 1.1.19.
Insulation/Plastic Tape 1.1.20.
Fasteners and Fixings 1.1.21.
Flood Defence/Landscaping Building Products 1.1.22.
Domestic Appliances 1.1.23.
Adhesives and Sealants General 1.1.24.
Airport/Port Security Equipment 1.1.25.
Environmental/Reclaimed Building Products 1.1.26.
Prefabricated Buildings 1.1.27.
Industrial Consumables 1.1.28.
Off shore Structure Equipment 1.1.30.
Plumbing Equipment and Sundries 1.1.35.
Fixtures and Fittings 1.1.98.
Other Quarry Products 1.1.99.
Other Building/Civil Products 1.2.
Chemicals 1.2.1.
Aluminium Sulphate 1.2.2.
Activated Carbon 1.2.3.
Calcium Hydroxide 1.2.4.
Chlorine 1.2.5.
Ferric Chloride 1.2.6.
Ferric Sulphate 1.2.7.
Hydrogen Peroxide 1.2.8.
Phosphoric Acid 1.2.9.
Poly Aluminium Chloride 1.2.10.
Potassium Permanganate 1.2.12.
Sodium Chloride 1.2.13.
Sodium Hydroxide 1.2.14.
Sodium Hypochlorite 1.2.15.
Sodium Silicate 1.2.16.
Sodium Thiosulphate 1.2.17.
Sulphuric Acid 1.2.18.
Polyelectrolytes 1.2.19.
Trichloroethane 1.2.20.
Distilled Water 1.2.21.
Laboratory Chemicals 1.2.22.
Reagents/Buffer Solutions 1.2.23.
Hydrochloric Acid 1.2.24.
Ammonium Sulphate 1.2.25.
Sodium Carbonate 1.2.27.
Hydrazine Hydrate 1.2.28.
Sodium Bicarbonate 1.2.29.
Sodium Bisulphite 1.2.30.
Hexafluorosilicic Acid 1.2.31.
Ferrous Sulphate 1.2.32.
Ferrous Chloride 1.2.33.
Calcium Nitrate 1.2.34.
Calcium Oxide 1.2.35.
Molten Sulphur 1.2.36.
Odourant Mains Gas 1.2.37.
Ferric nitrate 1.2.38.
Aluminium Chloride 1.2.96.
Other Sodium based Chemicals 1.2.97.
Other Calcium based Chemicals 1.2.98.
Other Iron based Chemicals 1.2.99.
Other Chemicals 1.3.
Clothing, footwear and personal protective equipment 1.3.1.
Waterproof Clothing 1.3.2.
Protective Clothing 1.3.3.
Work Wear/Corporate Clothing 1.3.5.
Footwear (excl. Protective use 1.03.06) 1.3.6.
Personal Protective Equipment 1.3.8.
First Aid Kits and Supplies 1.3.99.
Other Clothing and Footwear 1.4.
Telecommunications equipment 1.4.1.
Telecommunications Equipment and Accessories (excl. PABX use 1.04.23) 1.4.3.
Voice Processing and Other Speech Related Products 1.4.4.
Telecommunication Transmission Equipment 1.4.5.
Telemetry Equipment 1.4.6.
Scada and Telecontrol Equipment 1.4.7.
Mobile Radio Equipment 1.4.8.
Microwave (incl. UHF Scanning) 1.4.9.
Antennae/Aerial Masts 1.4.21.
ISDN Equipment 1.4.22.
C.L.A.S.S. Equipment 1.4.23
PABX Equipment 1.4.24.
Payphones and Spares 1.4.25.
Communication Tower Steel Structures 1.4.26.
Radio Clocks 1.4.27.
Synchronising Equipment (incl. Interfacing Equipment) 1.4.28.
Satellite Communications Equipment 1.4.29.
Radar Equipment 1.4.99.
Other Telecommunications Equipment 1.5.
Cables and accessories 1.5.1.
Underground Mains and Service Cable Below 1kV 1.5.2.
Underground Mains Cable 1kV to 19kV 1.5.3.
Underground Mains Cable 20kV to 99kV 1.5.4.
Underground Mains Cable 100kV to 199 kV 1.5.5.
Underground Mains Cable 200kV and Above 1.5.6.
Underground Cable Joints, Terminations and Jointing Materials Below 1kV 1.5.7.
Underground Cable Joints, Terminations and Jointing Materials 1kV to 19kV 1.5.8.
Underground Cable Joints, Terminations and Jointing Materials 20kV to 99kV 1.5.9.
Underground Cable Joints, Terminations and Jointing Materials 100kV to 199kV 1.5.10.
Underground Cable Joints, Terminations and Jointing Materials 200kV and Above 1.5.11.
General Wiring Cable 1.5.12.
Telecommunications Cable 1.5.13.
Fibre Optic Cable 1.5.14.
Fibre Optic Cable Accessories 1.5.15.
Cable Accessories (excl. Ducting use 1.18.17) 1.5.16.
Control and Instrumentation Cable 1.5.17.
Control and Instrumentation Cable Accessories 1.5.18.
Solder 1.5.19.
Link Boxes 1.5.20.
Subsea cables 1.5.99.
Other Cables (excl. Underground Marker Materials use 1.01.18) 1.6.
Overhead line equipment and accessories 1.6.1.
Covered Overhead Line Conductor 1.6.2.
Bare Overhead Line Conductor 1.6.4.
Conductor Fittings 1.6.5.
Helical Fittings 1.6.6.
Insulator Fittings 1.6.7.
Electrical Insulators Porcelain 1.6.8.
Electrical Insulators Glass 1.6.9.
Electrical Insulators Polymeric 1.6.10.
Overhead Line Towers 1.6.11.
Overhead Line Accessories 1.6.12.
Overhead Line Steelwork 1.6.13.
Overhead Line Poles 1.6.14.
Stranded Wire Products 1.6.99.
Other Overhead Line Equipment and Accessories 1.7.
Transformers, reactors and capacitors 1.7.2.
Transformers Distribution Ground Mounted (2000kVA and Below) 1.7.3.
Transformers Distribution Pole Mounted (315kVA and Below) 1.7.4.
Transformers Generator 1.7.5.
Transformer Ancillary Equipment 1.7.20.
Transformers Current 1.7.21.
Transformers Voltage 1.7.24.
Substations Unit/Composite 1.7.27.
Transformers Primary (Below 10MVA) 1.7.28.
Transformers Primary (10MVA to 100MVA) 1.7.29.
Transformers Grid (Above 100MVA) 1.7.30.
Tap Changing Equipment 1.7.31.
Transformer Bushings 1.7.32.
Quadrature Boosters 1.7.33.
Voltage Regulators 1.7.34.
Reactors 1.7.35.
Capacitors 1.7.99.
Other Transformers 1.8.
Electrical, control and instrumentation equipment 1.8.5.
Distribution Boards (1kV and Below) 1.8.6
Earthing Equipment 1.8.7.
Electrical Motors 1.8.10.
Primary Cells, Batteries and Chargers 1.8.11.
Portable Power Supplies/Mobile Generators (excl. Fixed Generators use 1.11.06) 1.8.13
Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning Equipment (excl. Power Station use 1.11.18) 1.8.14
Trace Heating Equipment 1.8.15.
Busbars and Support Structures 1.8.16.
Motor Control Centres and Spares 1.8.17.
Electronic Cards and Systems 1.8.18.
Programmable Logic Controllers (PLCs) 1.8.19
Lighting and Accessories (excl Street Lighting) 1.8.20
Electrical/Electronic Components 1.8.21.
Control and Instrumentation Systems and Spares (excl. Nuclear use 1.22.12) 1.8.22
Control and Instrumentation Automation Hardware 1.8.23.
Optical Instruments 1.8.24.
Instrumentation and Associated Equipment (excl. Optical) 1.8.25
Photographic Equipment 1.8.26.
Detection/Monitoring Equipment (excl. Leak Detection use 1.18.25) 1.8.27
Evaporators, Refrigerators and Cryogenerators (excl. Air Conditioning use 1.08.13) 1.8.28
Docking Guidance Systems 1.8.29.
Car Park Equipment and Systems 1.8.30.
Airfield Lighting 1.8.31.
Ticket Vending Machines 1.8.99.
Other Electrical, Control and Instrumentation Equipment 1.9.
Electrical protection equipment 1.9.2.
Cut Outs 1.9.5.
Relays 1.9.9.
Fuses Below 1kV 1.9.10.
Fuses 1kV to 11kV 1.9.11.
Fuses Above 11kV 1.9.12.
Surge Diverters/Arrestors 1.9.13.
Distribution Fuse Cabinets/Pillars 1.9.14.
Fault Passage Indicators 1.9.15.
Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) Systems 1.9.16.
Lightning Protection Equipment 1.9.17.
Control and Protection Cabinets/Cabins for Substations (38kV and Above) 1.9.99
Other Electrical Protection Equipment 1.10.
Energy, water, fuels, oils and greases 1.10.1.
Electricity 1.10.2.
Natural Gas 1.10.10.
Solid Fuel 1.10.11.
Petrol 1.10.14.
Insulating Oils 1.10.15.
Lubricating Oils 1.10.16.
Paraffin 1.10.17.
Heating Oils 1.10.18.
Fuel Oil 1.10.19.
Hydraulic Fluids 1.10.23.
Degreasants and Solvents 1.10.24.
Greases 1.10.25.
Biodegradable Oils 1.10.26.
Fuel Additives 1.10.27.
Mains Water (Potable) 1.10.28
Alternative/Emergency Water Supplies 1.10.99.
Other Energy, Oils and Fuels 1.11.
Generation plant and equipment 1.11.1.
Industrial Hot Water Boilers (excl. Domestic Boilers use 1.01.22) 1.11.2
Steam Boilers 1.11.3.
Boiler Ancillary Equipment 1.11.4.
Generators Power Station 1.11.6.
Engines and Engine Spares (excl. Mobile Generators use 1.08.11) 1.11.7
Cooling Systems and Spares 1.11.8.
Fuel and Oil Systems and Spares 1.11.9.
Feed Water Systems and Spares 1.11.10.
Turbines and Spares Steam 1.11.11.
Solid Fuel Supply Systems and Spares 1.11.12.
Liquid Fuel Supply Systems and Spares 1.11.13.
Gas Fuel Supply Systems and Spares 1.11.14.
Ash/Residue Disposal Systems and Spares 1.11.15.
Combustion Air Systems and Spares 1.11.16.
Flue Gas Exhaust Systems and Spares 1.11.17.
Turbines and Spares Gas 1.11.18.
Power Station Heating and Ventilation Equipment 1.11.19.
Wind Power Production Equipment 1.11.20.
Hydro Electric Power Production Plant 1.11.21.
Bio Energy Production Equipment 1.11.22.
Wave Motion Power Production Equipment 1.11.23.
Combined Heat and Power (CHP) Plant 1.11.24.
Solar Power Production Equipment 1.11.98.
Other Boilers and Boiler Spares 1.11.99.
Other Generation Plant and Equipment 1.13.
Mechanical machinery, equipment and spares 1.13.1.
Bearings and Transmission Products 1.13.2.
Mechanical Seals and Gaskets 1.13.3.
Blowers, Exhausters and Fans 1.13.4.
Conveyor Systems incl. Belts 1.13.5.
Tanks and Covers (excl. Fuel use 1.20.21) 1.13.7
Filters (excl. Car Filters use 1.20.15) 1.13.16
Compressed Air/Gas Systems (incl. Fixed Compressors and Vessels) 1.13.17
Fire Fighting Equipment 1.13.24.
Oil and Gas Powered Motors 1.13.35.
Centrifuges 1.13.36.
Drive Belts, Chains and Couplings 1.13.37.
Cranes (Fixed Location) 1.13.40
Rubber Hoses and Couplings 1.13.41.
Lifting Gear, Winches and Other Lifting Equipment 1.13.42.
Overhead Gantries and Walkways 1.13.43.
Gas and Air Treatment Plant 1.13.44.
Lubrication Equipment 1.13.45.
Skid Units/Pressure Reduction Modules 1.13.99.
Other Mechanical Machinery, Equipment and Spares 1.14.
Pumps Centrifugal 1.14.2.
Pumps Submersible 1.14.3.
Pumps Positive Displacement 1.14.5.
Pumps Split Case 1.14.6.
Pumps Double Disk 1.14.9.
Pumps Washwater Pump Sets 1.14.10.
Pumps Metering and Dosing 1.14.11.
Pumps Borehole 1.14.12.
Pumps Macerator 1.14.13.
Pumps Peristaltic 1.14.14.
Pumps Portable 1.14.15.
Pumps Hydraulic 1.14.16.
Pumps Screw 1.14.17.
Pumps Axial 1.14.18.
Pumps Vacuum 1.14.19.
Pumps Progressing Cavity 1.14.99.
Other Pumps, Accessories and Spares 1.16.
Meters and associated equipment 1.16.1.
Water Meters (Encoded) 1.16.2
Water Meters (Non Encoded) 1.16.3
Electricity Meters Credit 1.16.4.
Electricity Meters Prepayment 1.16.5.
Electricity Meters Programmable 1.16.6.
Electrical Metering Control Devices 1.16.7.
Meter Accessories and Spares 1.16.8.
Meter Tokens and Cards 1.16.12.
Electrical Meters Power Station/Grid 1.16.13.
Gas Meters Credit 1.16.14.
Gas Meters Prepayment 1.16.15.
Gas Meters Electronic 1.16.16.
Governors, Regulators and Associated Equipment 1.16.18.
Prewired Meter Cabinets 1.16.19.
Meter Cabinets and Housings 1.16.99.
Other Meters and Associated Equipment 1.17.
Office/depot materials and equipmenT 1.17.1.
Office Equipment (excl. Printers use 1.23.04) 1.17.2
Office Furniture 1.17.3.
Office Stationery 1.17.4.
Office Furnishings and Fittings (excl. Furniture use 1.17.02) 1.17.5
Audio and Visual Equipment and Accessories 1.17.7.
Drawing Office Equipment and Supplies 1.17.9.
Paper and Card 1.17.13.
Pre Printed Stationery/Supplies 1.17.16.
Publications (Off The Shelf) 1.17.17
Paper Maps 1.17.18.
Janitorial Equipment and Supplies 1.17.21.
Printing and Photographic Chemicals and Materials 1.17.22.
Catering Equipment 1.17.23.
Catering Supplies 1.17.24.
Storage/Warehouse Equipment and Supplies 1.17.25.
Packaging Equipment and Supplies 1.17.26.
Security Printing 1.17.27.
Pre Printed Plastic Cards 1.17.80.
Recycling Supplies 1.17.81.
Recycling Equipment 1.17.99.
Other Office Materials and Supplies 1.18.
Pipes and Fittings Fibre Cement 1.18.2.
Pipes and Fittings Concrete 1.18.3.
Pipes and Fittings Ductile Iron 1.18.4.
Pipes and Fittings Copper 1.18.5.
Pipes and Fittings Clay 1.18.6.
Pipes and Fittings High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) 1.18.7
Pipes and Fittings Medium Density Polyethylene (MDPE) 1.18.8
Pipes and Fittings MOPVC 1.18.9.
Pipes and Fittings PVC 1.18.10.
Pipes and Fittings Steel 1.18.11.
Pipe Fittings Clamps and Collars 1.18.12.
Pipe Fittings Couplings and Flanged Adapters 1.18.13.
Pipe Fittings Electrofusion Fittings 1.18.14.
Pipe Fittings Gunmetal 1.18.15.
Pipe Fittings Plastic 1.18.16.
Pipes and Fittings Stainless Steel 1.18.17.
Ducting 1.18.18.
Water Flange Joint Sets 1.18.19.
Pipe Accessories, Consumables and Associated Supplies 1.18.20.
Surface Boxes and Chambers 1.18.25.
Leak Detection, Control and Repair Equipment/Materials 1.18.26.
Pipes and Fittings GRP 1.18.27.
Standpipes 1.18.99.
Other Pipes 1.19.
Valves Air 1.19.2.
Valves Gate/Sluice/Knife 1.19.3.
Valves Hydrants 1.19.4.
Valves Non Return/Reflux/Check 1.19.5.
Valves Penstock 1.19.7.
Valves Needle/Globe 1.19.8.
Valves Flap 1.19.9.
Valves Butterfly 1.19.10.
Valves Ball 1.19.11.
Valves Diaphragm 1.19.12.
Valves Pressure Control 1.19.15.
Valves Solenoid 1.19.16.
Valves Safety 1.19.17.
Actuators 1.19.18.
Valves Float Operated 1.19.19.
Valves Plug 1.19.99.
Other Valves, Actuators and Spares 1.20.
Transport and mobile plant 1.20.1.
Passenger Cars 1.20.2.
Vans Car derived 1.20.3.
Commercial Vehicles 1.20.6.
Specialist Vehicles, Tankers, Bodies and Trailers 1.20.7.
Tyres and Tubes 1.20.8.
Cable/Pipe Laying Plant 1.20.9.
Mobile Plant (excl. Mechanical Handling Plant use 1.20.13) 1.20.10
Trenchless Equipment 1.20.11.
Access Platforms and Equipment 1.20.12.
Horticultural Equipment 1.20.13.
Cranes (Mobile) and Mechanical Handling Plant/Equipment 1.20.14.
Garage Equipment 1.20.15.
Vehicle/Mobile Plant Parts and Accessories 1.20.16.
Boats and Marine Vessels 1.20.17.
Bicycles and Spares 1.20.18.
Railway Equipment 1.20.19.
Passenger Loading Bridges 1.20.20.
Baggage Trolleys 1.20.21.
Fuel Delivery, Storage and Dispensing Equipment 1.20.98.
Other Transport 1.20.99.
Other Mobile Plant 1.21.
Tools and specialist equipment 1.21.1.
Tools and Equipment Cable Joiners 1.21.2.
Tools and Equipment Overhead Line 1.21.3.
Insulated Tools 1.21.4.
Hand Tools (Non Powered) 1.21.5
Tools and Equipment Drilling 1.21.6.
Power Tools (incl. Pneumatic/Hydraulic) 1.21.8
Test and Inspection Equipment 1.21.9.
Workshop Machinery and Equipment 1.21.10.
Industrial Cleaning Equipment 1.21.11.
Workshop Cleaning Consumables 1.21.13.
Abrasive Products 1.21.14.
Welding and Cutting Equipment (incl. Consumables) 1.21.15
Tools and Equipment Pipeline 1.21.16.
Weighing Equipment 1.21.17.
Laboratory Equipment 1.21.18.
Pollution Control Equipment 1.21.19.
Ladders 1.21.20.
Port/Marine Tools and Equipment 1.21.99.
Other Tools and Specialist Equipment 1.22.
Nuclear and reactor plant and equipment 1.22.1.
Nuclear Gas Reactor and Core 1.22.2.
Nuclear Fuel Assembly 1.22.3.
Nuclear Gas Baffle 1.22.4.
Nuclear Gas Diagrid and Support Skirt 1.22.5.
Nuclear Shielding 1.22.6.
Nuclear Pressure Vessel and Liner 1.22.7.
Nuclear Gas Circulators 1.22.8.
Nuclear Control Rod and Assembly 1.22.9.
Nuclear Reactor Pumps 1.22.10.
Nuclear Fuel Route Equipment 1.22.11.
Nuclear In Service Inspection Equipment 1.22.12.
Nuclear Island Control and Instrumentation Systems and Spares 1.22.13.
Nuclear Reactor Protection Systems and Spares 1.22.14.
Radioactive Waste Handling and Reprocessing Equipment 1.22.15.
Nuclear Primary Circuit Pipework, Vales and Penetrations 1.22.16.
Nuclear Sampling Systems 1.22.17.
Nuclear Cooling Water and Heat Removal Systems 1.22.18.
Nuclear Containment and Ventilation Systems 1.22.19.
Dosimetry Equipment and Control Systems 1.22.20.
Nuclear Fire Barrier and Containment Penetrations 1.22.21.
Nuclear Fuel Storage Racks and Equipment 1.22.22.
Nuclear Robotics/Remote Operations Equipment 1.22.23.
Nuclear Fuel 1.22.24.
PWR Pressure Vessel and Internals 1.22.25.
PWR Pressuriser and Pressure Control Systems 1.22.26.
PWR Steam Generator Plant 1.22.27.
PWR Chemical and Volume Control/Reactor Make up Systems 1.22.28.
PWR Emergency Boration and Charging Systems 1.22.99.
Other Nuclear and Reactor Plant and Equipment 1.23.
Computer equipment and supplies 1.23.1.
Computer Hardware and Accessories Workstations/Servers 1.23.2.
Computer Hardware and Accessories Portable 1.23.3.
Computer Hardware Mainframes 1.23.4.
Computer Peripherals 1.23.5.
Network Equipment and Accessories 1.23.6.
Software Development Tools 1.23.7.
General Business Software (Off The Shelf) 1.23.8
Specialist Business Software (excl. Software Development use 2.40.02) 1.23.9
Technical Software 1.23.10.
Utility Software 1.23.11.
Computer Consumables (excl. Laser/Inkjet Paper use 1.17.09) 1.23.12
Computer Systems 1.23.99.
Other Computer Equipment and Supplies 1.24.
Switchgear Indoor (Below 1kV) 1.24.2
Switchgear Indoor (1kV to 19kV) 1.24.3
Switchgear Indoor (20kV to 99kV) 1.24.4
Switchgear Indoor (100kV to 199kV) 1.24.5
Switchgear Indoor (200kV and Above) 1.24.6
Switchgear Outdoor (Below 1kV) 1.24.7
Switchgear Outdoor (1kV to 19kV) 1.24.8
Switchgear Outdoor (20kV to 99kV) 1.24.9
Switchgear Outdoor (100kV to 199kV) 1.24.10
Switchgear Outdoor (200kV and Above) 1.24.11
Switchgear Multi Motor 1.24.12.
Switchgear Power Factor Correction 1.24.13.
Switchgear Variable Speed/Soft Driven 1.24.14.
Switchgear Direct Current (DC) 1.24.15
Switchgear Parts and Accessories 1.24.16.
Circuit Breakers 1.24.17.
Disconnectors 1.24.99.
Other Switchgear 1.25.
Water/waste water treatment plant and equipment 1.25.1.
Digestors Sewage and Sludge 1.25.2.
Macerators 1.25.3.
Odour Control Equipment 1.25.4.
Dewatering Equipment 1.25.5.
Waste Water Scrapers 1.25.6.
Screens and Associated Equipment 1.25.7.
Disinfection Equipment 1.25.8.
Dosing Plant 1.25.9.
Sulphinators 1.25.10.
Mixing Units 1.25.11.
Incineration Equipment 1.25.12.
Comminutor (Pulverization) Equipment 1.25.13.
Detritor (Grit Removal) Equipment 1.25.14.
Classifier Equipment 1.25.15.
Aeration Equipment 1.25.16.
Surge Suppression Equipment 1.25.99.
Other Water Treatment Plant 1.26.
Industrial gases 1.26.1.
Propane 1.26.2.
Butane 1.26.3.
Oxygen 1.26.4.
Nitrogen 1.26.5.
Carbon Dioxide 1.26.6.
Sulphur Dioxide 1.26.7.
Sulphur Hexafluoride 1.26.8.
Argon Free Oxygen 1.26.9.
Hydrogen 1.26.10.
Methane 1.26.11.
Acetylene 1.26.12.
Helium 1.26.13.
Laboratory Gases 1.26.14.
Medical Gases 1.26.15.
Argon 1.26.16.
Argonshield 1.26.17.
Oxygen Free Nitrogen 1.26.99.
Other Industrial Gases 1.27.
Gas transmission/distribution plant and equipment 1.27.1.
Compressor Station/Aero Engines and Spares 1.27.2.
Compressor Station Plant and Spares 1.27.3.
Compressor Station Consumables 1.27.4.
Compressor Station Fire and Gas Equipment 1.27.5.
Compressor Station Safety and Test Equipment 1.27.6.
Compressor Station Emission Stacks 1.27.7.
Gas Holder Antifreeze Units 1.27.8.
Odorisation Equipment 1.27.9.
Water Bath Heaters 1.27.10.
Fogger/Gas Conditioning Units 1.27.11.
Integrated Gas Analytical Systems 1.27.12.
Gas Storage Plant and Equipment 1.27.99.
Other Gas Transmission/Distribution Plant and Equipment 1.28.
Substation materials 1.28.1.
Hybrid GIS 275kV (includes integrated control systems) 1.28.2
Hybrid GIS 145kV (includes integrated control systems) 1.28.3
Dynamic Reactive Compensation and Voltage Support 1.28.4.
Comms Multiplexers 1.28.5.
PLC Terminal Equipment 1.28.6.
Insulators Station Post 1.28.99.
Other Substation Materials 1.60.
Airport specific information systems 1.60.2.
Flight Information Displays (FIDS) (Screens with flight and gate information) 1.60.3
Flight Management Systems (AODB) (to register passengers per airline and invoice airlines) 1.60.4
Baggage Handling Systems (Insourced/Outsourced) 1.60.5
Passenger Queue Measurement Systems 1.61.
Baggage transportation equipment 1.61.2.
Baggage classification equipment 1.62.
Communication systems (VHF YHF, Tetra Systems) 1.62.2
Radars and surveillance systems 1.62.3.
Air navigation systems ILS (Instrumental Landing Systems), NDB, VOR 1.62.4.
Meteorological equipment IRVR Transmission meters, AMOs/RAMOS/SAMOS/FAMOS 1.63.
Airport firefighting equipment 1.63.1.
Firefighting vehicles airside 2.
Non engineering services 2.40.
IT and telecommunication related services (excl. consultancy) 2.40.1
Hardware Services 2.40.2.
Software Development Services 2.40.3.
Software Support Services 2.40.4.
IT Training 2.40.6.
Facilities Management Services IT 2.40.7.
Recruitment Services IT 2.40.8.
Telecommunication Network Services 2.40.10.
Data Collection and Handling Services (excl. Meter Reading use 3.80.07) 2.40.11
IT Network Services 2.40.12.
Internet/Intranet Services 2.40.13.
Telecommunication Equipment and Associated Services 2.40.14.
Call Centre Services 2.40.15.
E commerce Services 2.40.16.
Escrow Services 2.40.17.
IT Disaster Recovery Services 2.40.98.
Other Computer Services 2.40.99.
Other Telecommunication Services (excl. Line Construction, Maintenance and Repair) 2.41
Consultancy (excl. engineering consultancy) 2.41.2
Financial Consultancy 2.41.3.
IT Consultancy (excl. E commerce use 2.41.17) 2.41.4
Change Management Consultancy 2.41.5.
Energy Management Consultancy 2.41.6.
Estates and Property Consultancy 2.41.7.
Health and Safety Consultancy 2.41.8.
Procurement and Materials Management Consultancy 2.41.9.
Public Relations Consultancy 2.41.10.
Security Consultancy 2.41.11.
Telecommunications/Telemetry Consultancy 2.41.12.
Environmental Consultancy 2.41.13.
Quality Assurance Consultancy 2.41.14.
Personnel/Human Resources Consultancy 2.41.15.
Community Relations Consultancy 2.41.16.
Retail Consultancy 2.41.17.
E commerce Consultancy 2.41.18.
Corporate Planning and Strategy Consulting 2.41.19.
Facilities Management Consultancy 2.41.20.
Marketing and Advertising Consultancy 2.41.21.
Fisheries Consultancy 2.41.22.
Risk Management Consultancy 2.41.23.
Value Management Consultancy 2.41.27.
Insurance Consultancy 2.41.28.
Corporate Social Responsibility Consultancy 2.41.29.
Public Consultation Consultancy 2.41.99.
Other Consultancy 2.42.
Financial and accountancy services (excl. consultancy) 2.42.1
Banking Services 2.42.2.
Insurance Services 2.42.3.
Pension Funding Services 2.42.4.
Financial Leasing Services 2.42.5.
Cash Collection Services 2.42.6.
Accountancy Services 2.42.7.
Shareholder Services 2.42.8.
Financial Audit Services 2.42.9.
Debt Collection Services 2.42.10.
Claims Management Services 2.42.11.
Licensing Services 2.42.12.
Recruitment Services Finance 2.42.13.
Auction Services 2.42.14.
Credit/Procurement Card Services 2.42.16.
Insurance Brokerage 2.42.17.
Customer Acquisition Services 2.42.99.
Other Financial and Accountancy Services 2.43.
Hotel, travel and catering services (excl. consultancy) 2.43.1
Travel Agency Services 2.43.2.
Hotel/Accommodation Services 2.43.3.
Catering Services (Offsite) 2.43.4
Catering Services (Onsite) 2.43.5
Vending Machine Services 2.43.99.
Other Hotel, Travel and Catering Services 2.44.
Sewage/Sludge Disposal Services 2.44.2.
Scrap Disposal Services 2.44.3.
Refuse/General Waste Disposal Services 2.44.4.
Sanitation Services 2.44.5.
Vermin Control Services 2.44.6.
Hazardous Material Handling/Treatment/Disposal Services (incl. Asbestos) 2.44.7
Non hazardous Disposal Services 2.44.8.
Decontamination/Pollution Control Services 2.44.10.
Recycling Services 2.44.11.
Waste Skip Hire 2.44.12.
Waste Management Services (excl. Radioactive use 3.77.09) 2.44.99
Other Disposal Services 2.45.
Business and administrative services 2.45.1.
Legal Services 2.45.2.
Photographic Services 2.45.3.
Printing and Publication Services (excl. Pre printed Stationery use 1.17.13) 2.45.4
Public Relations Services 2.45.5.
Recruitment Services (excl. IT and Finance use 2.40.07 and 2.42.12) 2.45.6
Security Services 2.45.7.
Training and Education Services Functional 2.45.8.
Occupational Health Services 2.45.9.
Hygiene Services 2.45.10.
Conference/Event Management Services (incl. Entertainment) 2.45.11
Office and Depot Cleaning Services 2.45.12.
Window Cleaning Services 2.45.13.
Laundry Services 2.45.14.
Market Research Services 2.45.15.
Postal and Mailing Services (excl. Courier Services use 3.74.05) 2.45.16
Real Estate Services 2.45.17.
Furniture Maintenance and Repair Services 2.45.18.
Office Equipment Services 2.45.19.
Facilities Management (excl. IT use 2.40.06) 2.45.20
Meteorological Services 2.45.22.
Technical/Procedural Writing Services 2.45.23.
Subscription Services 2.45.25.
Removal/Relocation Services (excl. Storage Services use 3.74.07) 2.45.26
Wayleave Services 2.45.27.
Promotional/Corporate Goods 2.45.28.
Graphic and Media Design Services 2.45.29.
Personnel/Human Resources Services 2.45.30.
Language Translation Services 2.45.31.
Marketing and Advertising Services 2.45.32.
Audit Services (excl. Financial use 2.42.08) 2.45.33
Asset Management/Operation Services 2.45.35.
Plastic Card Fulfilment Services 2.45.36.
Training and Education Services Personnel Related 2.45.46.
Rescue and Emergency Medical Services 2.45.47.
Sales Service 2.45.48.
CAP699 Competency Management 2.45.99.
Other Business and Administrative Services 2.46.
Airport Operations Technical Services (Airfield) 2.46.1
Wildlife / Bird Management 2.46.2.
Stand / Coaching Planning 2.46.3.
Slots Planning 2.46.4.
Ice Management / Weather Systems 2.46.5.
Marshalling 2.46.6.
Cargo Systems Management (Processing/Customs) 2.46.7
Auditing 2.47.
Airside Handling 2.47.1.
Handling Aircraft Ramps 2.47.2.
Handling Passengers PRM (People with Reduced Mobility) 3
Works and engineering services 3.70.
Building, civil engineering and associated services 3.70.1.
Pumping Station Clean Water 3.70.2.
Pumping Station Waste Water 3.70.3.
Treatment Works Waste Water 3.70.4.
Treatment Works Clean Water 3.70.5.
Water Tower 3.70.6.
Reservoir/Dam/Weir/Lock 3.70.7.
Tunnelling and Shafts (incl. Penstocks) 3.70.8
Gas Storage Leaching 3.70.11.
Carpentry Services 3.70.12.
Plumbing Services 3.70.13.
Electrician Services 3.70.14.
Industrial Painting and Specialist Coating Services 3.70.15.
Building/Office Maintenance and Refurbishment Services 3.70.16.
Grounds Care Maintenance 3.70.17.
Fire Protection and Maintenance Services (excl. Substation use 3.75.09) 3.70.18
Demolition and Clearance Work 3.70.19.
Lift/Escalator Services 3.70.20.
Roofing Services 3.70.21.
Concrete Services 3.70.22.
Fencing Services 3.70.23.
Land Reinstatement Services 3.70.24.
Landscaping Services (incl. Earthworks) 3.70.25
Foundation Services (incl. Piling) 3.70.26
Road Construction and Surfacing Services 3.70.27.
Rock Anchor Services 3.70.31.
General Building incl. Offices 3.70.32.
Security Equipment Installation and Maintenance 3.70.33.
Modular Structures 3.70.34.
Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning Services (excl. Power Station use 3.73.22) 3.70.35
Insulation Services 3.70.36.
Flood Defence Construction 3.70.37.
Carpark Construction 3.70.38.
Airport Construction 3.70.39.
Pipeline Construction 3.70.40.
Harbour and Marine Engineering Works 3.70.41.
Land Reclamation Works and Services 3.70.42.
Railway Construction 3.70.43.
Gas Transmission System Plant Construction 3.70.44.
Gas Transmission System Plant Repairs and Upgrades 3.70.45.
Minor Civil Works 3.70.46.
Bridge Construction 3.70.47.
Off shore Structures 3.70.48.
Gas Drying Plant 3.70.49.
Gas Storage Plant Site Services 3.70.50.
Bridge Maintenance 3.70.61.
Rope Access and Abseiling Services 3.70.99.
Other Building, Civil Engineering and Associated Services 3.71.
Underground cable services 3.71.16.
Subsea Cable Services 3.71.17.
Underground Telecommunication Cable Laying (incl. Excavation and Reinstatement) 3.71.18
Underground Telecommunication Cable Maintenance and Repair 3.71.19.
Underground Cable Laying (incl. Excavation and Reinstatement) Below 1kV 3.71.20.
Underground Cable Laying (incl. Excavation and Reinstatement) 1kV to 19kV 3.71.21.
Underground Cable Laying (incl. Excavation and Reinstatement) 20kV to 99kV 3.71.22.
Underground Cable Laying (incl. Excavation and Reinstatement) 100kV to 199kV 3.71.23.
Underground Cable Laying (incl. Excavation and Reinstatement) 200kV and Above 3.71.24.
Underground Cable Jointing Below 1kV 3.71.25.
Underground Cable Jointing 1kV to 19kV 3.71.26.
Underground Cable Jointing 20kV to 99kV 3.71.27.
Underground Cable Jointing 100kV to 199kV 3.71.28.
Underground Cable Jointing 200kV and Above 3.71.29.
Underground Cable Maintenance and Repair Below 1kV 3.71.30.
Underground Cable Maintenance and Repair 1kV to 19kV 3.71.31.
Underground Cable Maintenance and Repair 20kV to 99kV 3.71.32.
Underground Cable Maintenance and Repair 100kV to 199kV 3.71.33.
Underground Cable Maintenance and Repair 200kV and Above 3.71.34.
Multi utility Cable and Pipe Laying (incl. Excavation and Reinstatement) 3.71.35
Trenchless Cable Laying 3.71.36.
Street Lighting Connection 3.71.99.
Other Underground Cable Services 3.72.
Water Service Pipe Laying (incl. Excavation and Reinstatement) 3.72.2
Water Mains Pipe Laying (incl. Excavation and Reinstatement) 3.72.3
Sewer Pipe Laying (incl. Excavation and Reinstatement) 3.72.4
Marine/River Outfall 3.72.5.
Water Service Pipe Maintenance and Repair 3.72.6.
Water Mains Pipe Maintenance and Repair 3.72.7.
Sewer Pipe Maintenance and Repair 3.72.9.
Pipe Surveying Services 3.72.10.
Trenchless Pipe Laying (incl. Pipe Replacement) 3.72.11
Borehole and Well Drilling 3.72.13.
Pipework Fabrication and Installation 3.72.15.
Transmission Pipeline Services 3.72.18.
Heating Pipe Services 3.72.19.
Flexible Structures, Waterproof Lining Services 3.72.20.
Pipeline CCTV/Inspection Services 3.72.21.
Pipe Coating / Lining Services 3.72.22.
Sewer Jetting Services 3.72.23.
Gas Service Pipe Laying (incl. Excavation and Reinstatement) 3.72.24
Gas Mains Pipe Laying (incl. Excavation and Reinstatement) 3.72.25
Gas Service Pipe Maintenance and Repair 3.72.26.
Gas Mains Pipe Maintenance and Repair 3.72.27.
Sub sea Pipe Laying 3.72.97.
Other Gas Pipe Services 3.72.98.
Other Water Pipe Services 3.72.99.
Other Pipe Services 3.73.
Boiler Services 3.73.2.
Engine Services 3.73.3.
Feed System Services 3.73.4.
Turbine Services 3.73.5.
Generator Services 3.73.6.
Fuel System Services 3.73.10.
Generation Operation and Maintenance Services 3.73.11.
Energy Supply Plant Installation and Operation Services 3.73.12.
Power Station Combined Heat and Power Gas Turbine (CHP) 3.73.13
Power Station Combined Cycle Gas Turbine (CCGT) 3.73.14
Power Station Reciprocating Engine Combined Heat and Power 3.73.15.
Steam System Services 3.73.16.
Cooling Water System Services 3.73.17.
Bulk Storage Services 3.73.19.
Ash/Residue Disposal System Services 3.73.20.
Combustion Air System Services 3.73.21.
Flue Gas Exhaust System Services 3.73.22.
Power Station Heating and Ventilation Services 3.73.23.
Wind Farm Construction 3.73.24.
Wind Power Plant Services (excl. Construction) 3.73.25
Hydro Electric Power Plant Construction 3.73.26.
Hydro Electric Power Plant Services (excl. Construction) 3.73.27
Power Station Conventional Thermal Power Plants 3.73.28.
Microgeneration Services 3.73.99.
Other Generation Services 3.74.
Transport, storage and hire services 3.74.1.
Vehicle Accident and Repair Services 3.74.2.
Vehicle Bodybuilding 3.74.3.
Vehicle Maintenance 3.74.4.
Vehicle Recovery Services 3.74.5.
Courier Services 3.74.6.
Transportation Services 3.74.7.
Storage and Warehousing Services 3.74.8.
Mobile Plant Hire Services 3.74.9.
Mechanical Handling Equipment Maintenance (excl. Fixed Cranes use 3.74.26) 3.74.10
Mobile Plant Maintenance 3.74.11.
Windscreen Replacement 3.74.12.
Vehicle Washing Services 3.74.13.
Vehicle Disposal Services 3.74.14.
Vehicle Leasing and Hire Services 3.74.15.
Helicopter/Air Transport Services (excl. Overhead Line Surveys use 3.79.17) 3.74.16
Generator Hire (Non system Use) 3.74.17
Traffic Lights Hire 3.74.19.
Fleet Management Services 3.74.20.
Railway Track Maintenance 3.74.21.
Weighbridge Services 3.74.22.
Signing, Guarding and Lighting Services (NRSWA) 3.74.23
Generator Hire (System Use) 3.74.24
Tool Hire 3.74.25.
Boats/Marine Vessel Maintenance 3.74.26.
Fixed Crane Services 3.74.27.
Traffic Management Services 3.74.28.
Garage/Workshop Equipment Maintenance 3.74.29.
Mobile Accomodation Unit Hire 3.74.30.
Fuel Card Services 3.74.31.
Marine Equipment Maintenance and Repair Services (excl. Boats use 3.74.25) 3.74.34
Haulage low loader (except Haulage general see 3.74.6) 3.74.98
Other Hire Services 3.74.99.
Other Transport and Storage Services 3.75.
Substation Building Civil Services 3.75.3.
Protection and Control System Services 3.75.4.
Telecontrol Services 3.75.5.
Switchgear Services 3.75.6.
Transformer Services 3.75.7.
Substation Cabling Services 3.75.8.
Substation Plant Dismantling and Removal 3.75.9.
Substation Fire Protection Services 3.75.10.
Substation Plant Painting Services 3.75.11.
Substation Design Transmission 3.75.12.
Substation Construction Transmission 3.75.13.
Substation Design and Construction Transmission 3.75.14.
Substation Turnkey Transmission 3.75.15.
Substation Design Distribution 3.75.16.
Substation Construction Distribution 3.75.17.
Substation Design and Construction Distribution 3.75.18.
Substation Turnkey Distribution 3.75.19.
Substation General Maintenance 3.75.99.
Other Substation Services 3.76.
Technical Consultancy 3.76.2.
Planning Consultancy 3.76.3.
Electrical Consultancy 11kV and Below 3.76.4.
Electrical Consultancy 20kV to 99kV 3.76.5.
Electrical Consultancy 100kV to 199kV 3.76.6.
Electrical Consultancy 200kV and Above 3.76.7.
Mechanical Consultancy 3.76.8.
Structural Consultancy 3.76.9.
Cathodic Protection Consultancy 3.76.10.
Hydrology and Hydrogeology Consultancy 3.76.11.
Process Consultancy 3.76.12.
Tunnels Consultancy 3.76.13.
Dams Consultancy 3.76.14.
Quantity Surveying 3.76.15.
Topographical Consultancy 3.76.17.
Scientific Consultancy 3.76.18.
Surveying Services (excl. Overhead Line and Pipeline Surveying) 3.76.19
Archaeological Consultancy and Surveys 3.76.20.
Control and Instrumentation Consultancy 3.76.21.
Architectural Services 3.76.22.
Civil Engineering Consultancy 3.76.23.
Environmental Impact Surveys 3.76.24.
Hydraulic Modelling Consultancy 3.76.25.
Pipeline Consultancy 3.76.26.
Project Management Consultancy 3.76.27.
Geotechnical Site Investigation Services 3.76.28.
Cartography Services (incl. Section 105) 3.76.29
Airfield Consultancy 3.76.30.
Fire Consultancy 3.76.31.
Flood Defence Consultancy 3.76.32.
Harbour and Marine Consultancy 3.76.33.
Port Planning Services 3.76.34.
Gas Network Consultancy and Services 3.76.99.
Other Engineering Consultancy 3.77.
Health Physics Services 3.77.2.
Reactor Physics Services 3.77.3.
Reactor Core Services 3.77.4.
Gas Circulator Services 3.77.5.
Control Rod and Assembly Services 3.77.6.
Fuel Route Services 3.77.7.
Nuclear Island Control and Instrumentation Services 3.77.8.
Nuclear Decommissioning 3.77.9.
Radioactive Waste Management Services 3.77.10.
Nuclear Fuel Services 3.77.11.
Nuclear Routine and Outage Plant Maintenance 3.77.12.
Nuclear Power Station Outage Management Services 3.77.13.
Nuclear Safety Case Preparation and Support Services 3.77.99.
Other Nuclear and Reactor Services 3.78.
Mechanical, electrical, instrumentation, control and automation services 3.78.1.
Control and Instrumentation Services 3.78.2.
Electrical Inspection/Testing Services 3.78.3.
Mechanical Inspection/Testing Services 3.78.4.
Electrical Installation Services 3.78.5.
Mechanical Installation Services 3.78.6.
Pump Services 3.78.7.
Valve Services 3.78.8.
Compressed Air/Gas System Services 3.78.9.
Metal and Steel Fabrication Services 3.78.10.
Motor Rewind Services 3.78.11.
Machining Services 3.78.12.
Deplanting/Decommissioning Services 3.78.13.
Gas Appliance Services 3.78.14.
Water Treatment Plant Services 3.78.15.
Gas Network Plant Services 3.78.16.
Lighting Services 3.78.17.
Gas Storage Plant Services 3.78.18.
Mechanical Maintenance and Repair Services 3.78.19.
Electrical Maintenance and Repair Services 3.78.99.
Other Mechanical, Electrical, Instrumentation, Control and Automation Services 3.79.
Overhead Line Construction Wood Pole (11kV and Below) 3.79.2
Overhead Line Construction Wood Pole (20kV to 99kV) 3.79.3
Overhead Line Inspection, Maintenance and Repair Wood Pole (11kV and Below) 3.79.4
Overhead Line Inspection, Maintenance and Repair Wood Pole (20kV to 99kV) 3.79.5
Overhead Line Design Tower (20kV to 99kV) 3.79.6
Overhead Line Design Tower (100kV to 199kV) 3.79.7
Overhead Line Design Tower (200kV and Above) 3.79.8
Overhead Line Construction Tower (20kV to 99kV) 3.79.9
Overhead Line Construction Tower (100kV to 199kV) 3.79.10
Overhead Line Construction Tower (200kV and Above) 3.79.11
Overhead Line Design and Construction Tower (20kV to 99kV) 3.79.12
Overhead Line Design and Construction Tower (100kV to 199kV) 3.79.13
Overhead Line Design and Construction Tower (200kV and Above) 3.79.14
Overhead Line Inspection, Maintenance and Repair Tower (20kV to 99kV) 3.79.15
Overhead Line Inspection, Maintenance and Repair Tower (100kV to 199kV) 3.79.16
Overhead Line Inspection, Maintenance and Repair Tower (200kV and Above) 3.79.17
Overhead Line Services Surveying 3.79.18.
Overhead Line Services Tree Cutting 3.79.19.
Overhead Line Services Tower Painting 3.79.20.
Overhead Line Services Scaffolding (System Use) 3.79.21
Overhead Line Services Wood Pole Installation 3.79.22.
Telecommunication Overhead Line Construction 3.79.23.
Telecommunication Overhead Line Maintenance and Repair 3.79.24.
Overhead Line Construction Wood Pole (100kV to 199kV) 3.79.25
Overhead Line Inspection, Maintenance and Repair Wood Pole (100kV to 199kV) 3.79.99
Other Overhead Line Services 3.80.
Meter and associated services 3.80.1.
Water Meter Maintenance and Repair Services 3.80.2.
Electricity Meter Maintenance and Repair Services 3.80.3.
Gas Meter Maintenance and Repair Services 3.80.4.
Meter Installation and Removal Services 3.80.5.
Meter Operator Services 3.80.6.
Meter Calibration Services 3.80.7.
Meter Reading Services 3.80.99.
Other Meter and Associated Services 3.99.
Thermal Hydrolysis 3.99.3.
Calibration Services (excl. Meter use 3.80.06) 3.99.4
Research and Development 3.99.5.
Testing and Analysis Services 3.99.9.
Tool, Instrument and Specialist Equipment Services 3.99.11.
Diving Services 3.99.12.
Agricultural and Land Drainage Services 3.99.13.
Anti Corrosion and Cathodic Protection Services 3.99.14.
Heat Treatment/Hardening Services 3.99.19.
Joint Sealing Services 3.99.23.
Dredging Services 3.99.24.
Flood Defence Services 3.99.25.
Statutory Inspection Services/Safety Assessments 3.99.27.
Non Destructive Testing Services 3.99.28.
Scaffolding Services (Non system Use) 3.99.29
Industrial Cleaning Services 3.99.31.
Welding Services 3.99.32.
Monitoring Services 3.99.33.
Laboratory Services 3.99.34.
Canal and River Services (excl. River Defence use 3.99.24) 3.99.35
Fisheries Services 3.99.36.
Salvaging Services 3.99.37.
Hydrographic Services 3.99.40.
Product Testing 3.99.41.
Machinery Testing 3.99.42.
Compliance and Assessing Services 3.99.43.
Ecology and Biodiversity 3.99.99.
Other Engineering Services.

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III.1.1)Qualification for the system
Conditions to be fulfilled by economic operators in view of their qualification: Conditions to be fulfilled by economic operators in view of their qualification: The UVDB will be the first stage of qualification and will either be used as the basis for tender selection or may be supplemented by additional qualification criteria established by the utility in specific product or service areas. Additionally, utilities have the option not to use the UVDB where they deem it necessary and indicate so by means of a separate call for competition in the Supplement to the Official Journal of the European Union. The UVDB may also be used in the compilation of tender lists below the EC thresholds. The system has led to savings to both vendors and purchasers and ensures that suppliers benefit from a reduced workload whilst their applications are dealt with fairly and consistently by subscribing utilities. The administrative costs are being met by the subscribing utilities and vendors. Vendors registering will therefore be required to make a contribution of 515 GBP for up to 7 product codes, 640 GBP for 8 to 14 product codes, 815 GBP for 15 to 21 product codes and 1015 GBP for 21 or more product codes (plus VAT for UK applicants) annually towards these costs which is payable prior to dispatch of registration material. Suppliers or contractors who have already registered on the UVDB need not reapply, but may wish to ensure that they are entered under all relevant product or service categories. Means of access to the qualification system is on a permanent basis.
III.1.2)Reserved contracts


IV.1.1)Award criteria
The most economically advantageous tender in terms of the criteria stated in the specifications, in the invitation to tender or to negotiate
IV.1.2)An electronic auction will be used
Organisations should note that if and when any requirement referred to in this notice is offered to tender, this may be done in whole or in part via electronic means using the Internet and may also be through the medium of a reverse auction.
IV.2.1)File reference number attributed by the contracting authority
IV.2.2)Duration of the qualification system
Indefinite duration
IV.2.3)Renewal of the qualification system


reference to project(s) and/or programme(s): Contracts let by one or more of the companies subscribing to UVDB may be financed by EU Funds.
The Utility organisations referred to in section II.3 are as follows, Anglian Water Services Ltd, Thorpe Wood House, Thorpe Wood, UK Peterborough PE3 6WT, Barking Power Ltd, Barking Power Station, Chequers Lane, UK Dagenham RM9 6PF, Arqiva Limited, Crawley Court, Winchester, Hampshire, SO21 2QA, BG EnergyHoldings Limited, its operating subsidiaries, including BG International Ltd, 100 Thames Valley Park, UK Reading RG6 1PT, BP CHP UK Ltd, Witan Gate House, 500 600 Witan Gate, UK Milton Keynes MK9 1ES, Bournemouth and West Hampshire Water, Geroge Jessel House, Francis Avenue, Bournemouth, Dorset, BH11 8NX, Bristol Water plc, PO Box 218,Bridgwater Road, UK Bristol BS99 7AU, British Energy Generation Limited, Barnett Way, Barnwood, UK Gloucester GL4 3RS (including. Eggborough Power Ltd), British Waterways Board, 64 Clarendon Road, UK Watford WD17 1DA, Cambridge Water PLC, 90 Fulbourn Road, Cambridge CB1 9JN, CE Electric UK Limited and associated companies, including Northern Electric Distribution Limited and Yorkshire Electricity Distribution plc, Cowpen Lane, Billingham, UK Stockton on Tees TS23 4DD, Electricity North West Ltd, Dalton House, 104 Dalton Avenue, Birchwood Park, Warrington,WA3 6YF, Centrica plc, including British Gas Trading Ltd, 3 The Square, Stockley Park, UK Uxbridge UB11 1BN, North Lincolnshire, DwrCymru Cyfyngedig/Welsh Water, Pentwyn Road, Nelson, UK Treharris CF46 6LY, Mid Glamorgan EDF Energy plc, its subsidiaries and affiliates, 40 Grosvenor Place, Victoria, UK London SW1X 7EN, E ON UK Ltd, Westwood Way, Westwood Business Park, UK Coventry CV4 8LG,, First Hydro Company, Dinorwig Power Station, UKLlanberis, Gwynedd, LL55 4TY, Hutchison Ports (UK) Ltd, Tomline House, The Dock, Felixstowe, IP11 3SY, UK, International Power plc, Rugeley Power Station, UKRugeley WS15 1PR, Immingham CHP LLP, Immingham CHP, Rosper Road, Immingham, North Lincolnshire, DN40 3DZ Magnox South Ltd, Berkeley Centre, UK Berkeley, Gloucestershire GL13 9PB, Magnox North Ltd, Berkeley Centre, UK Berkeley, Gloucestershire GL13 9PB,, National Grid Gas plc, 1100 Century Way, Thorpe Park, UK Leeds LS15 8TU, NGET/SPT Upgrades Limited 1 3 Strand, London, WC2N 5EH, UK, Northern Gas Networks, 1100 Century Way, Thorpe Park Business Park, Colton, Leeds LS15 8TU, Northern Ireland Electricity plc, Fortwilliam House, Edgewater Office Park, Edgewater Road, UK Belfast BT3 9JQ, Northumbrian WaterLtd, Abbey Road, Pity Me, UK Durham DH1 5FJ, including Essex and Suffolk Water,Hall Street, UK Chelmsford CM2 0HH, Portsmouth Water Ltd, P.O. Box 8,West Street, Havant, Hampshire, PO9 1LG,
RWE npower, Windmill Hill Business Park, UK Swindon, SN5 6PB, Scotia Gas Networks plc, St lawrence House, Station Approach, UK Horley Surrey,RH6 9HJ (Scotia Gas Networks plc, is deemed to include any holding company or subsidiary of such holding company including any of its affiliates or such other company or companies associated with it or in a business relationship with it in whole or in part as Scotia Gas Networks plc may determine). Scottish and Southern EnergyGroup, Inveralmond House, 200 Dunkeld Road, UK Perth PH1 3AQ, Scottish and Southern Energy Group, 55 Vastern Road, UK Reading, Berkshire, RG1 8BU (The Scottish and Southern Energy Group is deemed to comprise Scottish and Southern Energy plc, any holding company or subsidiary of such holding company including any of its affiliates or such other company or companies associated with it or in a business relationship with it in whole or in part as Scottish and Southern Energy may determine), Scottish Water, Castle House, 6 Castle Drive, Carnegie Campus, Dunfermline, Fife, KY11 8GG, Scottish Power UK plc and its subsidiaries and affiliates, 1 Atlantic Quay, UK GlasgowG2 8SP, Seabank Power Ltd, Severn Road, Hallen, UK Bristol BS10 7SP, Severn TrentWater Ltd, 2297 Coventry Road, Sheldon, UK Birmingham B26 3PU, South CoastPower Ltd, Shoreham Power Station, Basin Road South, Portslade, UK Brighton, BN411WF. South East Water Ltd, 1 3 Church Road, UK Haywards Heath, West Sussex.RH16 3NY, South Staffordshire Water plc, Green Lane, UK Walsall WS2 7PD, South West Water Ltd, Peninsular House, Rydon Lane, UK Exeter EX2 7HR, Southern Water Services Ltd, Southern House, Yeoman Road, UK Worthing BN13 3NX, Statoil Hydro ASA,Drammensveien 264, NO 0246 Oslo, Norway, Thames Water Services Ltd, Eastern Business Park, Newport Road, St Mellons, UK Cardiff CF3 5WW, Thames Water Utilities Ltd, Clearwater Court, c/o Blake House, Manor Farm Road, Reading, Berks, RG2 0JN, United Utilities Networks Ltd, Oakland House, Talbot Road, Manchester, M16 0HQ, United Utilities plc, Liverpool Road, Great Sankey, UKWarringtonWA5 3LW, UK Power Networks (Operations) Ltd, Newington House, 237 Southwark Bridge Road, London SE1 6NP, Vattenfall Vindkraft AB, 162 87 Stockholm, Sweden, Veolia Water Shared Services Ltd, Fifth Floor, Kings Place, 90 York Way, London N1 9AG, Veolia Water Central Limited, Tamblin Way, Hatfield, Hertfordshire, AL10 9EZ, Veolia Water East Ltd, Mill Hill, Mistley, Manningtree, Essex, CO11 2AZ,Veolia Water Southeast Limited, The Cherry Garden, Cherry Garden Lane, Folkestone, Kent, CT19 4QB,Wales and West Utilities Ltd, Wales and West House, Celtic Springs, Spooner Close, Codekernew, Newport, NP10 8FZ, Wessex Water Services Ltd, Claverton Down Road, Claverton Down, UK Bath BA2 7WW, Western Power Distribution, Avon Bank, Feeder Road, UK Bristol BS2 0TB, Yorkshire Water Services Ltd, Western House, Western Way, Halifax Road,UK Bradford BD6 2LZ.
VI.3.1)Body responsible for appeal procedures
VI.3.2)Lodging of appeals
Precise information on deadline(s) for lodging appeals: Subscribers subject to the EC procurement legislation of England, Wales and Northern Ireland will, where appropriate, incorporate a minimum 10 calendar day standstill period (or 15 days if non electronic or fax methods used) at the point that information on the award of the contract is communicated to tenderers. If an appeal regarding the award of a contract has not been successfully resolved then the Public Contracts Regulations 2006 provide for aggrieved parties who have been harmed or are at risk of harm by a breach of the rules to take action in the High Court (England, Wales and Northern Ireland). Any such action must be brought promptly (generally within 3 months).Subscribers subject to the EC procurement legislation of Scotland will where appropriate incorporate a minimum 10 calendar day standstill period (or 15 days if non electronic or fax methods used) at the point that information on the award of the contract is communicated to tenderers. If an appeal regarding the award of contract has not been successfully resolved then the Utilities Contracts (Scotland) Regulations 2006 provide for aggrieved parties who have been harmed or are at risk of harm by a breach of the rules to take action in the Sheriff Court or Court of Session. Any such action must be brought promptly (generally within 3 months).
VI.3.3)Service from which information about the lodging of appeals may be obtained